& Dumplings

Traditionally, the wraps for wontons and dumplings are more delicate and silkier. Wontons and dumplings are best prepared with broth or boiled and served with sauce.

Cooking Instructions


Shrimp Wontons
Shanghai Bok Choy Wontons
Chives Dumplings
Watercress Dumplings
Seaweed Dumplings
Spinach Dumplings
Lotus Root & Celery Dumplings
Black Fungus & Carrot Dumplings
Chinese Celery Dumplings
Corn Dumplings


Spinach Dumplings
Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings
Cabbage Dumplings


Potstickers are dumplings that are made for panfrying. They traditionally use the Pleated Fold technique and their wraps are slightly thicker than wontons and soup dumplings. Potstickers are best panfried and then served with sauce.

Cooking Instructions


Japanese Gyoza
Chive Potstickers
Cabbage Potstickers
Cilantro & Ginger Potstickers
Dill Potstickers
Ginger Potstickers
Mini Panfry Pork Buns


You may have seen steamed dumplings made in bamboo steamers like at dim sum restaurants.

Cooking Instructions


Shiu Mai
Mini Steamed Pork Buns


Our noodles are silky and also has bite.

Cooking Instructions

Shanghai Noodles (Thin)
Shanghai Noodles (Thick)
Wonton Noodles (Thin)
Wonton Noodles (Thick)
Spinach Noodles
Ramen Noodles
Fish Noodles


Our wrappers are freshly made and only available at our main store on limited quantity.

Dumpling Wrap
Wonton Wrap